The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Hazel was posted for sale by a back-yard breeder after her usefulness as a puppy producer came to an end at the age of five. Fearing she would fall into the wrong hands, a group of Airedale lovers purchased her and gave her to ATRVA for placement. First thing, her Rescue foster coaxed the wriggling Miss Hazel into the tub and followed up with a much-needed haircut, which revealed Hazel to be as pretty as she was gentle and sweet. Then she was scheduled for a trip to the vet to bring her up-to-date on shots and to treat her various parasite infestations.

As soon as advisable, Hazel was back at the vet's for spaying, which seemed to go as normal. But Hazel was slow to recover: lethargic, refusing to eat, and only managing a half-hearted tail-wag at the sight of her foster mom. Over the next several days, she was back to the vet's twice for examinations and x-rays, then a course of oral antibiotics for mastitis. By the end of the week, her temperature was spiking and it was apparent that the mastitis had spread to all her teats. Surgery was discussed but considered chancy, given her vulnerable condition. Instead, she was admitted to the veterinary infirmary and put on IV antibiotics. Still weak, she refused the food necessary for her recovery until her foster mom started bringing her canned tripe every day. YUM!

Hazel seemed to be getting better, but then, a few days later, suffered a serious set-back and had to be rushed into surgery after all. Back home again with her foster family, she began a slow up-and-down recovery, as she struggled with post-operative complications. Finally, Hazel was ready to meet her adopters - a sad moment for her foster mom, who after many hours tending her through illness, had come to love this brave dog.

But Hazel's luck had finally turned: A young couple! With children! And another Airedale! And a yard! And toys! After a few days, Hazel's adopters reported back that Hazel was settling well into her new home, eating and asking for seconds! Her new mom thoughtfully asked if it is difficult to foster and then let a dog go. It is always hard, but when I know they are going to a great home, it makes it easier. She wrote back. "Don't worry! We will spoil her rotten!"


  1. Look at that smiling face☺ We are so happy for Hazel and her new family!

  2. We were so worried that we would lose her. But Hazel Belle, with Airedale stubbornness, was not going anywhere but to her home! Barbara is a tremendous foster Mom and we thank National for helping us with her vet bills. Cathy, ATRVA Volunteer

  3. It's been a wild year for me as a foster mom, and for ATRVA. THREE of my fosters made it onto the quilt blog. While I wish it hadn't been necessary (that they weren't so sick they needed all that vet care), I am so glad that National was here to help financially and the rest of the ATRVA was there to help support too.

  4. So many special people helping Airedales in need - thank you!