The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Daisy at the shelter
Poor Daisy!  She was turned in to the local shelter by the person who had owned her all 10 years of her life because she has thunderstorm anxiety. Knowing that it was unlikely that they would be able to find a home for her, shelter personnel asked the owner if he wanted to be notified if they were going to have to euthanize her.  He declined. The shelter called Airedale Rescue to see if we would take her and, of course, we said yes! Daisy is a lively, affectionate girl and gets along with men, women, children, dogs and cats!! One of our wonderful families had recently lost their senior Airedale girl (also adopted through Airedale Rescue). They and their senior male Airedale (also adopted from Airedale Rescue) made Daisy part of their family and love her very much. They continue to try to find something that will comfort Daisy during thunderstorms and fireworks and, in the meantime, keep her safe from harm. Thank you Lina, Saul, Eve, Claire and Airedale brother Linus for giving Daisy a wonderful home. 

Daisy celebrates her 11th birthday with a (leather) cigar

Daisy on the couch

Daisy with toy.  Daisy is a lively girl!


  1. You are a beautiful girl, Daisy, and we are so happy that your got your new forever home! Seniors are the best♥

  2. I luv that you found your forever home! We have a Daisy too who is terrified of fireworks, storms, and other loud noises but we would never think to get rid of her. We just comfort her in her time of need...<3

  3. It makes me so sad to read about dogs given up after living their entire lives with one family. I am so very glad Daisy has a forever home with people who will work with her and love her.

  4. Glad Daisy has found a loving home - she looks very happy.

  5. Daisy ~ enjoy your forever family who will love you no matter what. My Valentine is very scared of thunder too but we work through it. People.

  6. I truly don't understand how someone could do that but ... maybe it wasn't the real story, only what they could live with. In any case, Daisy looks very comfortable with her new family! Thank you for adopting a senior!