The quilt measures 64" x 71"


In January 2016, a man took his young adult Airedale into an emergency clinic north of Houston and asked that the dog be euthanized. The dog had not been feeling well, the information we received was rather non-specific--but initially the staff of the clinic felt the issue was rather simple--possibly a urinary tract infection. They could not help but notice the delightful temperament and charm exhibited by the Airedale--"Max." A vet tech at the clinic asked the owner if it was OK to contact Texas Airedale Rescue about helping the dog and if he would sign the dog over to the clinic and he agreed to both. Everyone noticed that this Airedale was delightful with the other dogs coming and going and even with the cats! After spending time with him, one of the veterinarians thought he would be a possible companion for her mother.

Rescue was contacted and we said we would accept him into our program so his medical costs could be covered. It rapidly became clear that the condition was more complex than imagined at first blush. Blood work was shocking - thrombocyte count which should have been at least 200,000 units was closer to zero!! A complex cocktail of medications was started and the impact was monitored. Throughout all the treatment, he remained a delight.

After a few days of medication, the count climbed to 4,000 units. At least he was making thrombocytes! Time would tell. Oh, he had a diagnosis of immune-mediated thrombocytopenia, a condition that may be inherited but can also be caused by a number of factors. It is a tricky condition and medications must be closely calibrated so his meds had to be custom made out of state because of their nature.

Amazingly, two days after he first was brought to the clinic, TART got an application from a family that wanted to be a foster home and they lived just a couple of miles from the clinic. The mom stayed at home with the children and their cats and they were willing to foster Max. Max got to the home and fit in beautifully. It took months for his blood count to inch its way up, but that is what it did. At long last, Max's levels reached healthy levels but he will be on his meds for a long time to come. Fortunately, his foster family decided they wanted to make him a permanent member of the family so he is "home at last."


  1. You are such a handsome boy, Max, and we are so happy that you have your loving forever home♥

  2. So glad the clinic convinced the owner to sign Max over and that he is happy in his forever home. A nice story for Max and his family. What great work National and Regional Rescue does.

  3. yeah for Max! a great outcome on all counts.