The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Fiber Artist:  Karen Brown
Artist:  Jane Miller

Quilted Block

Unquilted Block
Karen Brown wrote:  I am a bit obsessed with bird houses.  I have them stationed all over about 4 acres of our farm.  I put up several bluebird houses and said a little prayer that they would love the accommodations pond side.  The bluebirds were not impressed, but the tree swallows were.  They are enchanting birds with their shimmering blue/black and white. They are voracious bug eaters and the decline in the mosquito population is almost tangible.  They are magnificent aerialists.  They are also fiercely protective when the eggs hatch.  In the past, I had to wear a winter coat and motorcycle helmet to harvest my Alpine strawberries at the base of one of their birdhouses!

My birdhouses are on my dog walking circuit.  My Airedale, Rushton, was fairly oblivious to birds until I added a Norwich Terrier, Harrigan.  A friend has noted that Harrigan reminds him of a badger on speed.  He also has a terrier prey drive that is through the roof.  He has taught Rush that anything that moves requires chasing.  The two of them could not believe their good fortune when the tree swallows began dive bombing them.  The sight of two over stimulated terriers on flex leads in hot pursuit of birds that were flying at them while an aging redhead attempted to regain control was definitely a Kodak moment!

Here are some progress photos of Karen's block:



  1. Beautiful block, Karen and Jane, and we love the story behind it, Karen!

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  3. I just love this story!! I'd like to walk along with you and see those tenacious terriers at work. What a great block this is! thank you Karen for making and donating it and thanks to Jane the artist.

  4. Love the story, your words drew the picture perfectly. Lovely block, great job!