The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Please see tonight's Early 'Dale No. 4 Incentive Winners in the page below this one.

Here is this year's slideshow video showcasing the Quilt Blocks and the Rescue Airedales helped this past year by National Airedale Rescue funds - your donations at work.  Their stories are featured on the quilt blog.

A HUGE thank you to Jean Seibert for once again making a WONDERFUL slideshow video for the Airedale Rescue Quilting Bee this year. 

Rescue Airedales helped from October 2015 until the present are:

ARIZONA                                             OKLAHOMA
Curly (2)                                                  Elvis (6)
Sweetie Bird (8)                                       Lisa (6)
Daisy (10)                                                Katie (2)
Pancho and Polly (6)                               Clark (8)
LOUSIANA                                            Moose (3)
Marley (4)                                                Charli (1)
Stanley Purvis (2)                                    Duke (1)
NEVADA/S. CALIFORNIA                 Hope (5)
Odie (5)                                                   Cody
Jessie (9)                                                 Teddy(7 mos.)
Griffie (12)                                              Jasper (8 mos.)
Bernie (15)                                               Eloise (5)
Allie  (11)                                                Cooper (9)
Colin (9)                                                  NEW MEXICO
Jax (12)                                                    Barley (2)
NEW MEXICO                                     UTAH
Barley(2)                                                 Sassy (1)
 SO. CALIFORNIA                               VIRGINIA
 Rusty 6)                                                  Griffen (5)
 Charlie (10)                                             Hazel Belle (5)
 Pamona (9)                                              William (
TEXAS                                                     Olivia (8)
 Max (3)
Faith (9)
Leia (2)
Autumn (1)


  1. WOW! that is a great video and look at all those Airedales that got help. AWESOME!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this video. The music, the message. It is PERFECT! Thank you Jean for doing such a great job. I hope everyone shares the heck out of it.

  3. What an awesome video! Beautiful job!

  4. Loved the video and seeing all the beautiful Airedales who found a better life thanks to so many Airedale lovers who donated time, talent, love and money.