The quilt measures 64" x 71"


WINNER:  Paul Pistell of Fallston, MD!

Congratulations, Paul and thank you for supporting this quilt fundraiser!

Made and donated by Carol Domeracki, Anything Airedale

Please be sure to scroll down below this post to ready about the Block featured today.  It's a truly inspirational and touching story in memory of a dearly loved Airedale, Mitch.

The person whose donation puts the thermometer at the $10,000 mark will become the owner of this unique teapot with a leaping Airedale on each side.  Oh, I'd love to have this teapot in my Airedale curio cabinet!  How appropriate that Carol found this teapot just in time for Leap Y'Aire.

Right Side View
Carol wrote:  This genie style teapot features Airedale images that have been hand-painted with ceramic under-glazes. Then a few coats of clear glaze were applied and into the kiln it went for hours of firing. 

Opening a kiln after it has cooled down is an exciting time. You just never know what you might find! Thankfully, this teapot was a pleasant surprise and not much different than what I expected to see. WHEW!

Left Side View

The teapot's capacity is approximately 24 oz. It is 9" wide, 6" diameter and 4" tall.  It is signed and dated on the bottom.

The accent color is from an art glaze. That type of glaze can be unpredictable. You seldom get the same results twice but it fired good on this teapot. It's peaceful and soothing but not boring.

This teapot was not custom designed for the 2016 Quilt. However, I couldn't have chosen been better images to portray Leapin' Airedales imho. Obviously, it's a perfect fit and still available to donate so things worked out just perfectly!

"Leaping" Airedales are one of my favorite depictions of our beloved breed. They reflect so much the joy and love of life that Airedales possess.

As your Quilt stories tell, these dogs have a remarkable spirit no matter what their lot in life has been. Down and out, abandoned, abused or unloved, they still seem to rise to the challenge to survive until help comes along. That is just one of the many reasons why we must be there for them.

Thanks for getting those stories of Rescue out there. Even us old-timers need to be reminded WHY this wonderful network of Airedale lovers exists. If we all help in whatever ways that we can, it becomes a win-win for Airedales and humans.

Editor's note:  Those two 8/20 comments appeared while I was proof reading this post and inadvertently published it for 2 seconds!  Those ladies are quick on the draw!


  1. What a beautiful teapot! Thank you so much for donating it, Carol!

  2. wow! leapy Airedale! that is so cool!

  3. This milestone will be a treasure to the lucky winner. Thank you Carol for this great addition. Love it.