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A happy ending for Marley!
Marley with Dr. Catherine

Delia Hardie reports that Marley is doing amazingly well.  She was turned into rescue because she got into a sago palm when she was only 4 months old. Sago Palms are extremely poisonous. Her owners tried their best to save her, but it was very expensive. They were faced with putting her down or re-homing her. 

Fortunately for Marley, her veterinarian is one who has worked closely with Airedale Rescue over the years. We almost did not take her because we were told that she would not make it, but we decided to try. The poison in the sago palm causes extra-hepatic shunts in the liver which caused the blood to bypass the liver and the cleansing function that the liver does. Through a wonderful specialist and the local homeopathic vet, Marley has steadily improved. Neither of these wonderful vets had had a dog survive more than 2 years after ingesting the poison from a sago palm (leaves, pods, bark and all). Marley's most recent liver tests show that 2 of the 4 tests are now within the normal range and, while the other 2 are not, they are closing in on the normal range much to the astonishment of several local vets. It has been a long and expensive road with special food and 12 different medications a day given to her 4 times a day. While we do not know what her life span will be, today at 4 1/2 years old she looks amazing for an Airedale who has been through so much. I am especially thankful to the local homeopathic veterinarian who I believe has made the difference.

Marley when she first came into Rescue 4 yrs ago
I can not say it enough how important it was to Marley's progress that Dr. Catherine, her specialist veterinarian, and Dr. Sagrera, her homeopathic veterinarian, worked together to get her where she is today. Neither of them believed in the beginning that Marley would survive much less make it to 4 years and now her liver tests are looking good. Who knows how much longer she will have.


  1. WOW, that is some story---Hope she never sees another Sago Palm! eeeek. I'm so glad Marley is doing well. NOthing like great Vets doing what they do best--helping Marley!

  2. Thank doG for your vets, Marley! We are so happy to see that you're doing well. We hope you live to 14!

  3. Sounds like Marley surely lived up to another Marley's antics... she is one lucky Airedale ... thanks to the vets and her adoptive family attending to her condition daily. Thank you all!