The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Last night (8/22) there was a random Surprise drawing and Jan Wiles of Oklahoma City, OK won 2 Airedale votive candle holders shown below.  Enjoy, Jan!

Surprise Drawing #5 – Two white votive candle holders, approx. 1 ¾ in. h x 2 in. across, with 3 stylized Airedales prancing around the holder. Decorated by Lynne Jensen, Donor - Anonymous

Rosie came into Rescue at the age of 7 months old back in 2007. She was in a “shelter” that took unsold puppies from pet stores and warehoused them.  She was in a crate so small that she could not turn around.  She was malnourished, skeletal, had bad ear infections in both ears, flea ridden, had no muscle mass in her rear legs and could barely walk more than a couple of steps.  She was “adopted” to a Airedale Rescue volunteer, who had her initially vetted, then I picked her up and drove her to a foster home in northern New Jersey a few weeks later.Little Rosie, the special needs girl, was fostered for almost 2 months by Nicole and Dean in Waldwick, NJ. She could barely walk when she arrived, but after being in foster care for a month and a half, she was able to not just walk, but she could RUN.  What a joy to watch her zip around the yard!  She put on weight (up to 50# from 30#), developed muscle and became quite agile.  She especially enjoyed doing the agility course at the shelter where Nicole worked.  I went over and groomed her about 2 weeks before she went to her new home and she was so good on the table.  It took about an hour and she barely moved.  And oh, how pretty she looked when all the puppy fuzz was gone.  She grew up right before our eyes.  She had a tendency to fly her ears, but when she was relaxed but observing, she had a lovely ear set.  When she was spayed, we had her hips xrayed, and we discovered that she had NO hip sockets at all.  The orthopedic vet felt that the muscle will act as hip sockets and if her weight was kept at around 50#, she could live for many years, without needing surgery.  

She went to her new home with Linda and Annie, their 3 dogs (12 ½ yr old Maggie, the Airedale; 2 yr. old Russell, the Schnauzer; and 9 mo. old Ollie, the Basset Hound), a HUGE cat called Piggy, and 3 large birds.  It was instant love when Nicole and I delivered her to them in Hopewell Junction, and we had so much fun watching all 4 dogs interact. Rosie and Russell were wrestling and Ollie was doing the play bow and looking at them like, “Hey guys, don’t forget about me!” Rosie tried to entice Piggy, the cat to play, but Piggy was too smart to fall for that ploy. She knew if she did, she’d have the whole pack chasing her. Rosie’s name was changed to Olivia because one of the parrots was also named Rosie and always got into trouble. They did not want Rosie/Olivia to feel like she was the one being yelled at.  The vet recommended agility as a good way to exercise Olivia because it is a lot of start and stop action, which builds the muscles.

Olivia is still doing well as of a few months ago.  I believe she has some minor health issues, but I don't think they are related to her lack of hip sockets.

Pals - Rosie & Ollie

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  1. We love your story, Rosie/Olivia! What an adorable photo ♥