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The Book of All Terriers 
By John T. Marvin, hardcover, 1976

The “Book of All Terriers” is an interesting overview of all the terriers recognized by the AKC at the time the book was written. The first part covers the history of the terrier group in England and America. The second half delves into individual breeds in detail with vintage photo, the AKC standards, and an extensive bibliography. “The Book of All Terriers” is a valuable reference that belongs in the library of any terrier lover.

The New Terrier Handbook
By Kerry Kern, paperback, 1988
One in a series of Barron’s pet handbooks this handy little book explores and celebrates the Terrier Group. The first section of the book discusses what to consider when buying a terrier, training, feeding, general care, and there is also a section called "Understanding your terrier." The second half of the book lists and describes the various terrier breeds. The AKC recognized breed standard is included along with a brief description of each breed. There are good color photographs and drawings throughout the book. From the Airedale (The King of Terriers) to the diminutive Norwich, they are all here. This is a good introduction to this unique group of so here's to that scrappy, fun-loving, sometimes stubborn, independent, busy, death-on-vermin group known as the terriers!

The Red Book of Dogs: Hounds, Terriers, Toys,
by Julie Muszynski, hardcover, 2007

First published in 1939, “The Red Book of Dogs: Hounds, Terriers, Toys” is now available again in an expanded collectible edition.
“The Red Book of Dogs” showcases 56 breeds of hounds, terriers, and toys, along with a new section on mixed breeds. In addition to illustrations of the breeds from the original book, there are now more than 300 gorgeous images - from vintage playing cards, postcards,and advertising premiums to illustrations, paintings, and contemporary photography—all especially selected for this edition. The book's original description of each breed's history has been preserved, and its standards updated. Readers will now find a wealth of entertaining contemporary facts and trivia, too. Brimming with anecdotes, amusing pop culture snippets, and hundreds of wonderful images, “The Red Book of Dogs” will delight and inform dog lovers of all ages.

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The Doctor’s Dog, by Richard F Venti, paperback, 2007
Dean Cello is not your typical PI. At thirty-one he isn't divorced, alcoholic, or even all that cynical. For nearly two years now, Dean has slowly but surely been growing the small business out of his Back Bay condo unit, performing such menial tasks as chasing down cheating spouses and deadbeat dads. Just when it appears he can't sink any lower, a suburban doctor retains his services to find Sir Cedric of Winchester a lost champion Airedale. But the case of the missing dog soon turns into a case of murder, and despite warnings from the state police, Dean feels compelled to investigate.

PSYCHIC PETS - The Secret World of AnimalsBy Joseph Wylder, paperback, 1978
Front Cover
Back Cover
Whether or not you are a believer in the psychic abilities of animals you will find this an entertaining look into human/animal relations, especially the chapter about two German Airedales, Rolf and his daughter, Lola, who were said to do arithmetic and carry on witty conversations, spelling their comments by tapping letters with their paws.

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