The quilt measures 64" x 71"


From Pam Jones, Texas 

 Pam Jones wrote:  Cooper (formerly called Major) came to us from TART almost 2 years ago. We had lost our Airedale Dixon (11 ½ years) the month before and the house was just too quiet. He was a sweet boy from the very beginning but still very much a puppy. I think we had forgotten how puppies act having lived with a blind and arthritic dog for the previous several years. Cooper was a little unsure of himself at first and not completely trusting. Over time and with patience from him and from us, he settled right into our routine. I work at home and my husband works the evening shift. Cooper usually gets up with me in the morning and in the evening goes to bed with me, but as soon as he hears Daddy’s truck he’s off to the door to greet him - always with a toy in his mouth. Cooper spends his time racing around the house and out in the yard on squirrel and cat patrol. He has a lookout window where he sits much of the time when he is in the house. I realize that sometimes people have to give up their pet due to circumstances beyond their control, but whoever gave up Cooper gave up a gem that has given us great joy.

Cooper awake and alert

Cooper taking a nap

I'm seeing an Airedale theme here - all the Airedales are couch potato sleepers.  Pinky is very jealous because I don't allow her on the furniture.  Hmmm - I'd better not let her see all these photos or I'll have a mutiny on my hands!

Some dog might get lucky in the next several days if his owner makes a donation...I'm just saying - Pinky is feeling generous and might share...


  1. Cooper is a handsome boy and that bandana is perfect for him!
    We're not allowed on the furniture either, Pinky. Our mom is a meanie!

  2. Cooper you landed in the lap of luxury! what a lucky dog you are and how lucky for Pam and her family to get such a sweet boy.
    We know how comfy those couches are... do you get to sleep on the bed too?

  3. What a handsome boy. He looks like he is a little spoiled, but why not? Thank you for sharing your wonderful story!