The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Joyce Miller wrote about the joys of fostering an Airedale.

Bentley - A Rescue We Will Never Forget

Bentley was large but within the standard, and he was as sweet an Airedale as you could wish for. Unfortunately, the young couple who had him had to move and the only apartment they could find would not allow them to have a dog. So they turned to rescue, and they were told to bring him to me. Rescue had a family in the Dallas area who was looking for an adult male, so while he was here, we took him in for his shots and a checkup so he would be ready to go to his new home.

His crate was huge, and he happily stayed in it, our two Airedales lying beside his crate, keeping him company, day and night. They didn’t leave his side; they stayed with him all the time he was here. He ate well, played well with our ‘Dales when he went outside with them, and quickly won our hearts. When his new people came to get him, I knew he would be very happy with them. They were perfect: long time Airedale lovers who also had an older female Airedale. They immediately fell in love with him. And they were perfect for this 'Dale: Not only would he have wonderful people; he would have an Airedale to teach him the ways of his new home and a companion to play with him.

With both happiness and sadness, we watched him accept his new people and soon, he was leaving with them, ears perked, tail up, and I swear he was grinning!

Becky Preston wrote: Bentley was an"easy" Rescue - he was surrendered by his owners because they had a job change, needed to move and couldn't take him with them. Fortunately, we had an approved family ready and waiting for him.

Candy speaking now: Having fostered many, many Airedales since the 1980's, I can attest to the joys of fostering.  Yes, it can often be hard work, but more often it's easy like Bentley. Yes, it is also usually hard to let them go; however, you always know they are going to a wonderful home where they will be loved and treasured. They all leave their paw prints on your heart and believe me, they remember who helped them.  And you know what, they help us and give back so much more than we give them. Why don't you consider helping your local or regional Airedale Rescue group today by volunteering to foster an Airedale. Foster homes are sorely needed and usually the hardest thing for rescue groups to find.

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