The quilt measures 64" x 71"


This is my rescue "Idaho Buck". who I fostered, then adopted in 2006 while I volunteered for SWAT when I lived in CA. Buck was found wandering down the highway in the state of Idaho. He was saved by a traveling businessman, Jerry Cole. Jerry brought Buck back to CA, nurtured him for about a month with his wife and family and then turned him over to SWAT rescue. The Coles brought Idaho Buck to me in May 2006. He was supposed to be my foster. However, he was the perfect fit and I ended up adopting him shortly after! He has been a loving, snuggly, goofy and fun dog. We are so blessed to have him, he makes our family complete! We love him soooo much! Buck now resides in Washington with Katie, Kingsley and Brandy.

Buck relaxing by the fire
Buck's new family
Katie, Kingsley, Buck & Brandy
Your donation makes you eligible to win one of these two incentive prizes, as well as the main quilt and/or one of the bonus quilts.

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  1. You're such a handsome boy, Buck, and you look pretty comfy in front of your fireplace.
    Rescue rocks!