The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Katie was the inspiration for Jeanne's block, Telefix (see 8/21 blog)

Jeanne Esmond wrote: Katie was a pip! She came into rescue when she was about 5 years old. There was no one who was interested in an older dog, so Lou Swafford, our then rescue coordinator, decided he would keep her for himself. When Lou moved to assisted living, Katie happily went with him. She loved all men, women not so much.

Katie came to stay with us early in 2007 at 8 1/2 years of age. Her owner, Lou Swafford, had fallen and broken a hip. Our rescue coordinator thought that Katie would be happier in a home rather then at the vets. I found out that Katie had eaten her way out of a metal crate! She first went to stay with my son, Chris. She ate socks, rooted in the garbage and recycling and lost him 3 sets of roommates. Finally he asked if I would keep Katie until he found suitable living arrangements.

She came to live with me and Sandy and the party began!

Lou Crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2008 to be with Vee, his wife, and all the Airedales he had owned in his life, and Katie stayed with me.

Katie lived to be almost 14 years old getting into trouble and wreaking havoc 'til the end. She is missed terribly.

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  1. Katie was such a cutie and we're so happy that she had a happy long life ♥

  2. I loved hearing the story behind how you got Katie! I had no idea she was Lou's dog. She sounds like she was quite the pip and inspired a wonderful quilt block!