The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Artist:  Patty Eisenbraun                  
Block Maker:  Rebecca Eash

Front of Block
Back of Block

Rebecca Eash wote: Nothing better than curling up on the couch with a good book and a loving Airedale by your side!
Yes, I work at the library. I have always loved libraries. My family typically went to church on Sunday mornings and to the big, downtown, library in the afternoon. My dad would head to the “business section” and I would spend hours in the children’s area. As an adult I have been a board member of our local Friends of the Library for over 15 years! Currently I work in the cataloging department processing new books. It is very hard to not bring all the new books home with me! In the past I also worked in the circulation department and always loved giving children their very first library cards. To me, the public library is a vital part of ANY town/village and belonged on our quilt.

Chuckles is my very first dog, ever. I was worried because I was a new dog owner (wait, doesn’t he own ME?) I wanted to get a puppy and be sure of his disposition and breeding. I have loved Airedales and terriers in general since I was a little girl, but my parents would not let me have a dog. So, once my kids were old enough to help, Chuckles came into our lives. Now, with the experience of one dog under my belt, I would not hesitate a minute to get a rescue dog! The volunteers in rescue do a wonderful job of matching the needs of the dogs to the needs (and abilities) of the people. I just didn’t know that before.

Everyone who works at our library loves dogs and knows Chuckles. He has visited many times. Unfortunately he is not a reader dog – even at 10 years of age, he isn’t really good sitting still, unless he is waiting for you to throw a ball! You get my drift.

Artist's rendition of Rebecca's inspiration

Rebecca & Chuckles in front of local library

Finished embroidered Library sign

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  1. We love this block! The back of it is as pretty as the front of it!
    Lucky you, Chuckles - we've never been inside our library before!