The quilt measures 64" x 71"


There was another weekly SURPRISE winner  on Monday, August 5th.  Meg Mcleish won one free quilt ticket for being the first snail mail donation for the 2013 Airedales Around Town quilt.  Congratulations, Meg! Thank you for supporting Airedale Rescue.  Thank you from all the Rescue Airedales and volunteers for supporting Airedale Rescue.

A "Nina" Anecdote:

Early one evening Nina and I had just been outside to get business accomplished and after we came inside, Nina kept going to the door for about 30 minutes straight.  I ignored her because I knew she had done all she needed to and did not need to go out again.

Well, finally she was so very persistent that I took her out again.  Instead of heading to our usual spot in the grass, she headed towards my elderly neighbor's entryway on the end and around the side of the building.  Suddenly we heard a voice faintly calling “I’ve fallen and can’t get up.  Please call 911.”  By the time we reached him, he had managed to drag himself up the 3 steep stairs to his front door.  

I rang his doorbell and asked his wife to call 911 and to give me a blanket to wrap around her husband.  Nina and I stayed with him until the ambulance came.  He’d been outside for the past forty minutes calling, but no one heard him – EXCEPT Nina!

It was pretty nippy outside as the sun was about to set.  He could have been out in the cold and dark a long time if Nina had not heard him.  His wife had a room at the top of the house and they kind of led separate lives in the same household.  So if he had not been found, I doubt she would have realized he was outside and hurt.  It could have had a more serious and perhaps sad ending.  It turns out that he had broken his hip.  

She may been old, but there was nothing wrong with Nina’s hearing!  Maury was very grateful, and once he got out of rehab, he bought Nina a box of dog biscuits as a thank you.  As on several other occasions in the past, this just reinforced to me to trust my dog's instincts and check to see what is going on when they are so adamant about going out or their strong dislike of someone.

If you donate by 8 PM EDT today, there's a chance this beautiful Airedale print could be yours.