The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Artist:  Jane Miller                  
Block Maker:  Jeanette Grantner

Front of Block
Back of Block
Jeannette Granter wrote:  Dairey Delights was inspired by our first Airedale Princess Daisy.  We used to camp in upstate New York about 20 years ago when our three children were young.  One year we spent a lot of time in town eating ice cream cones.  Our daughter Annie would lick her ice cream cone and then let Princess Daisy have a lick.  This would go on until the ice cream was gone.  I used to give the bottom of my cone to Daisy as she liked the crunch!  Can you imagine a little girl sharing her cone with her Airedale with no concern for germs?  Our boys gobbled their cones down so Daisy was very attentive to Annie.

 This is the original artist’s drawing using Jeannette’s inspiration of Daisy.  Jane Miller, the artist, comments that “Jeanette Grantner did a wonderful job with Dairey Delights, adding some of her own little touches. After doing 3 of the other blocks, I knew I had to keep some sort of uniformity to the squares. So my first idea was revamped to look and fit in to the rest of the quilt.  This is only the 2nd year I have helped with the block designs and am in awe as to how wonderful the quilt turned out.”

Here are some progress photos of Jeannette’s block. I’m taking notes on her technique.  Everything looks so perfect, especially that door!  And looking at these photos I realized why my spacing always seems off – I put them on one at a time instead of basting or pinning ALL the pieces at first and then appliquéing.  This was an “AHA” moment for me!  This is Jeanette’s Maggie.  I’m sure she supervised the project.

Basting the pieces on the block
Basting and pinning pieces

The "perfect" door!  (there's a story)
Maggie ready to go out and play

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  1. ICE CREAM - our very favorite! We have to say, this might be our very favorite block on this gorgeous quilt!

  2. I love Jeannette's story as well as the details of how this block came together. This is an amazing quilt. Thank you Quilting B, ad Thank you Candy for all you do with the blog as well.

  3. Congratulations on the blog. The student has already passed the teacher. I may need to come around to take lessons this time instead of giving them.


    1. Thanks, Ray. I couldn't have done it w/o your tutorial!