The quilt measures 64" x 71"


The Town Park is a combination of 4 individual blocks drawn by the same artist but appliqu├ęd by 4 different block makers and joined to make one huge block for the centerpiece of this year’s quilt.

ARTIST:  Patty Eisenbraun

Airedale Statue – Pam Jones 
Airedales Playing Ball – Rebecca Eash
Airedale Crossing Pond – Joyce Miller
Airedales in the Gazebo – Jeanne Esmond

Front of Block
Back of Block

Artist's drawing of one of the Center Blocks - Airedale Statue

Artist Patty Eisenbraun not only drew five of the outer blocks of the quilt, she also created the 4 center blocks that formed the Town Park.  It is amazing how the pathway, that appears in the 4 different blocks sewn by 4 different block makers, connects so seamlessly.  

Here are some progress photos of Rebecca Eash's Airedales Playing Ball:

Starting to trace design on the stabilizer      
Tracing done!

Laying out the path
Starting to sew

Cutting out the pattern pieces
Auditioning Airedale fabric

Sewing done!
Kiwi taking a nap...supervising is such hard work...

The winner of Incentive #2, the PiCassieO print, "Java", is Michael Crist of Glenn Mills, PA.  Congratulations, Michael! Thank you for supporting National Airedale Rescue with your donation. 


  1. We love watching the block come to life! It's truly a work of art!
    Congratulations to Michael!

  2. I just love this ...bit by bit you can see the block become a piece of the quilt... fascinating and a great job done. great work Rebecca... thanks for taking photos as you worked. it's so interesting . and thank you Candy for doing the blog--I love it.

  3. The Center block is amazing. It is hard to believe 4 different people worked on it. It is truly a masterpiece. Thank you Quilting B. You guys ROCK!