The quilt measures 64" x 71"


I don't have much info yet on Alex other than that he was very recently rescued by Frances Martin of Oklahoma Airedale Rescue and that he was very neglected as the photos below show and he is heart worm positive.  National Airedale Rescue funds are used to help Airedales like Alex.  It will  be a joy to see how he blossoms in an environment of love and good care.  You would think after all these years of doing Rescue, that I would be used to seeing this.  But every time I witness man's cruelty to animals, I can't believe how someone could be so cruel and uncaring to a defenseless animal.  But Alex is safe now and has a wonderful life ahead of him!  Your donation will help Alex's journey to well being.  

Here is an update from Frances Martin:  Alex was picked up by Tulsa Animal Welfare as a stray after a complaint from an area hotel saying he was "intimidating guests".  I went to see him the next day and he was a filthy mess.  He was so exhausted that he didn't get up to greet me, just lay there and looked at me.  His eyes were so red and tired looking. He was full of dreadlocks.  A dear friend of mine is a volunteer at the shelter and took extra special care of him during his stay.  She bathed him, fed him some canned food, and put a blanket in his kennel.  There was a tense period of time on his release day when it was unclear whether I could pull him.  A "citizen" had his name on Alex's cage card and the shelter allows the public to adopt before rescue.  The shelter opened at noon and they wouldn't let me adopt until 1:00.  I started calling about 12:50 and kept getting voice mail.  AHHHHH!!  Finally, about 1:45, I called the manager of the shelter and she said Alex was still there.  I zoomed over to the shelter and grabbed him!  After 5 days of rest, plenty of food, a bath, and a nice blanket to sleep on, he was feeling much better and was ready to visit!

Over the next couple of days, he was groomed (he lost about 3 lbs. in dreadlocks) and taken to the vet clinic for an evaluation.  Good news is that he's got an excellent temperament and is young (2ish).  The bad news is that he's HW positive and has a heart murmur.  X rays were taken and the Dr. believes he can go through the regular HW treatment because the heart isn't damaged.  He's on a month of doxy and temporarily on some pred. to give him some relief from his itchy skin.  Those dreadlocks caused lots of dry, flaky skin and a few open wounds.

Alex is now happy and safe in a wonderful kennel and is getting daily attention from the staff.  He will be given the opportunity to run in the yard and start some basic training.  He is very puppyish in his behavior and loves to jump up and mouth arms and hands.  After being around Alex, I know how he was intimidating guests at the hotel - he was jumping up on them, putting his paws on their shoulders and grabbing their arms and hands to try to engage them in play. 

No more misunderstandings for Alex!  He's now in an Airedale-friendly zone!!!

Alex at the vet's -  a matted mess.  Poor little boy.

Mats are gone - he looks so very thin

What a sweet face.  He looks so uncertain but hopefully he is
feeling better now that all those mats are gone.

Bath time - I'll bet once he gets over the shock of a bath,
 he will feel SO much better.


  1. Alex is so cute. I hope he can get well quickly and fin his forever home. He is too thin, but with the good care he is getting he should be fine. Awe. He is adorable. Thank goodness for Rescue!

  2. What a handsome boy Alex is! Thank doG for rescue!

  3. I'm so glad that Airedale Rescue has this poor boy and that this fabulous fundraiser will help pay the costs involved. You all ROCK!!

  4. Alex looks so cute! So glad he's off the streets and getting love. Hope he finds forever home soon :)