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National Airedale Rescue, Inc. has a Senior Fund created because there are donors who wish to earmark their donation to help defray the costs of caring for the Senior Airedales that come into Rescue and for one reason or another, they aren't able to be placed because of their age and perhaps chronic health issues.  This fund allows these Senior Airedales to be fostered and cared for and loved for whatever time they have left.  The Seniors are very special.  I know firsthand from fostering Nina, who was unadoptable because of her advanced age and several health issues. She brought so much joy to every day and that's the special secret about the Seniors.

Here are the stories of several Seniors helped by National Airedale Rescue in the past year or so.  Rusty LaFrance wrote: As you know, I take in the older Airedales ... ones that are having a hard time finding a foster or a home to live in for the later years.

Allie - SWAT - 10 yrs old
ALLIE (S. Calif.) Rusty LaFrance wrote this about Allie.  "Allie was placed in a home in southern California when she was just two years old.  At the age of 10, her humans found themselves unable to take care of her and she was returned to Rescue (per the Rescue contract).  One of my wonderful foster humans had just lost the last senior she was fostering for me, and Allie was the perfect fit for her home.  Allie is very much loved and is traveling between Arizona and Idaho, where it is cooler in the summer months.  It is as though she has always lived with Sheri and Sheri could not be happier.  Sheri is the perfect human as a foster for a senior Airedale, and our Senior program makes it possible for her to take these seniors into her home."

Jax - SWAT- 10 yrs old
JAX - (S. Calif.)  Jax was an owner surrender due to a major life change for his humans.He is an escape artist, who just wants to be with his humans so leaves if there is no one at home ... after being picked up by Animal Control the second time, they decided he had to go to Rescue.  We arranged a transport from So. Cal. to my place and what should arrive but an EXTREMELY skinny and tall Airedale boy ... who is a bit of a grouch :-)  We ran all the tests on him to see what was going on to make him so skinny ... lack of groceries was what the vet said (we love our vet and he loves Airedales).  So we have Jax on a really good diet now ... with no grain to try to clear up the hot spots.  We have finally got some fat over his ribs !! My husband thinks he is part StagHound with his tall/long legs !! Jax is 11 now.

Amber - SWAT -12 yrs old
AMBER (NV-SWAT)   Amber came to me with another Airedale boy. The humans had to surrender them because of their home owners insurance. Amber was 6. She was protecting her little girl by barking at a human that was jogging by. The human maced Amber and she bit the human in the butt. When I picked her up I didn't know what to expect ... and here came the happiest, most loving Airedale girl you could ever ask for. Give me a million Ambers!  With her bite history, I could not place her in another home so she became the great dame of the ranch ... teaching all the other Airedales that came in what was acceptable.  Sneaking into our bed the minute it got made up; settling in for the afternoon long nap. She was the best anyone could ever ask for and lived until she was almost 15 . She never complained and never had a bad day.. until 3 days before she passed.  She didn't want to get up and she didn't want to eat; not like our sweet girl at all so in to the vet we went thinking she was just having a problem with her kidneys or something.  She had a cancerous mass that was pressing on her stomach and her lungs had filled with tumors. We did not want her to suffer one minute as she had been such a good Ambassador for all the Airedales that had come to us while she was here.We let her go that evening after learning about the cancer. She was a tough one to let go of and will always be remembered ... much like a couple of the others that we have seen through to the end of their lives.

Reminder, Early 'Dale No. 8 Drawing that benefits the Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund of National Airedale Rescue ends on Wednesday, 9/23 at 8 PM EDT.

#8-1 Lomonosov Airedale Figurine

#8-2 Royal Dalton #K-5 Airedale Figurine
#8-3 Beswick Ch. Cast Iron Monarch Airedale Figurine
#8-4 Goebel Airedale Figurine
#8-5 Royal Dalton #1023 Airedale Figurine

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