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Here is a little bit of back story on Clancy and Molly shared by George Senerchia, husband of Quilting Bee member, Sue Senerchia. George and Sue live in Connecticut. They saw the Bee's slideshow video and George recognized Clancy and Molly from a trip he took to western NY back in 2013. I asked George to share his memories of Clancy and Molly before they came into rescue.

It was late July in 2013. I had read an ad on Craig's List on some waterfowl available at a very good price in the Buffalo, NY area. So off I went with one of my good friends, Brian. As it turned out, this great old guy, whose name was Ron, was in failing health and his neighbor was trying to help him find good homes for many of the animals he had kept for years. He had a macaw parrot who talked up a storm. He had a wonderful collection of many different kinds of waterfowl, which he had kept safe, nutured and raised for over 50 years.

But the most suprising thig of all was when we entered Ron's house and we were greeted by two Airedales - one great big goofy boy, whose name was Clancy. I couldn't get over how large he was and it was easy to see that he was a lover boy. We fell in love with Clancy instantly! Next was Molly, who was friendly too but a bit shy. They both needed grooming. Apparently, Ron had had Airedales his whole life. He was such a great old guy and he had the deepest concern for all his creatures. He had fallen in the barn earlier in the winter, and his granddaughter found him a few days later so he was on his last few months at home.

With the neighbor's help I ended up buying 2 female Australian Black swans - Agnes and Hazel. These girls are loves and they make the world a better place to be in while swimming around in our back yard. We also came home with a big Whooper swan. Angel was 3 years old so now she is 5. She too is a creature that there must be plenty of in Heaven. It's hard to imagine anything more beautiful than these birds. Last, but not least, was a 5 year old Emperor goose named Edith. Edith has become everyone's favorite here on our pond. She is native to Alaska and she has personality to spare.

We loaded these bitrds into a Honda Elemet like a miniature Noah's Ark and off we went back home 10 hours away in Connecticut. I hated leaving the Airedales. I asked about them. The neighbor told me that he would contact me when they had to do something with the Airedales. He said that Ron would never let the Airedales go until he himself was gone. Sadly, he died. I often reached out to the neighbor who told me that Clancy and Molly were being looked after by the granddaughter.  
At the beginning of this summer, we talked again and he told me that they had been adopted and both of them had gone to new homes. I was so happy to hear this, but still I felt sad never knowing the outcome of these two Airedales. Just this week, Sue discovered a few clues through the Airedale Quilting Bee video where she was able to confirm that Clancy and Molly had been placed in great homes by Airedale Rescue.

Denise Lucas of Airedale Rescue of Western New York was the rescue volunteer who got Clancy and Molly. She writes:

Just about a year ago Airedale Rescue of Western NY received a call from the daughter of an elderly gentleman that had gone into the hospital. He had 2 Airedales that she could no longer take care of and wanted to surrender them to Rescue. Their names were Miss Molly and Clancy. When we went to pick them up, it appeared that they had been confined to the kitchen area except to go out and do their business for most of their lives. For the past 6 months they had been in the house alone most of the time except to get fed and let out. When we arrived home, they were not sure how to get into the house because of the 3 stairs, so we had to introduce them to the stairs. Molly still hops like a bunny up them.

We discovered that Clancy (7) had some major skin issues and sores, allergies , bilateral ear infections and bad hips. He had to be sedated to get a good exam on him. The veterinarian put him on Prednisone and antibiotics for the skin and ear problems. Shortly after he started the Prednisone, he started acting weird, like Chicken Little, (the sky is falling). He would walk around looking up and growling at things and wouldn't go outside. So we took him off it, apparently Prednisone wasn't the cause; he is goofy that way, he still walks around looking up and won't go out unless coaxed at times, barks and growls at nothing.

Miss Molly (11) is much calmer. She unfortunately has bad hips also, has a heart murmur and is deaf, most likely due to chronic ear infections. She had to have her teeth cleaned and a couple of them pulled.

Our plans were to foster them till we could find homes for them. The main concern in evaluating them was how they were with people and children as we were pretty sure they were not socialized too much. Molly is good with everyone. Clancy, on the other hand, not so good with small children. But on a good note, they were good with our grandchildren (11 & 15) and we were dogless at the time, so we decided to keep them.

A year later, Molly is on medication injected into her ear for the ear infections, still deaf, has problems with stairs but appears to be happy. Plays some but not a lot. She would rather be in the house sleeping than outside.

Clancy still growls when he doesn't like what you are doing to him.(the muzzle was a great invention). He has to be sedated to have his nails trimmed and vet visits. He is an annoying barker (barks at nothing) and still has seasonal skin issues. But we love them both.

We would like to thank all the people who have donated to National Airedale Rescue and Airedale Rescue of Western NY. Without your help, we would have difficulty in getting these two the medical care they needed.

Clancy in the backyard
Clancy takiing a snooze

Molly on the porch
Molly prowling the yard


  1. We are so happy that Clancy and Molly have a loving home once again. Thank you so much, Miss Denise! Airedale Rescue rocks♥

  2. Thank you for all you do for rescue Denise. A lovely story.

  3. awesome to know the 'back story' on these two.. thank you George and super sleuth Sue! so glad they are together and happy