The quilt measures 64" x 71"


I just wanted to take the time to thank the Bee members who worked so hard to make the 2015 Airedale Rescue Quilt come to fruition and those folks who generously donated items to be used for the Early 'Dale Drawings. And I can't foget the adopters and regional rescue groups that shared the Rescue stories and photos. They contributed to making the 2015 Airedale Rescue Quilt Fundraiser a success!

Artists: Patty Eisenbraun,  Jane Miller, Rose Knowles, Sue Ingold  and Mary Burns Blood
Block Makers: Linda Bell, Karen Brown, Rebecca Eash, Jeanne Esmond, Carolyn Finlayson, Jeannette Grantner, Rose Knowles, Candy Kramlich, Jeri Langman, Sue Senerchia, Lori Taylor, Eileen Tedesco
Bonus Wall Hangings:  
Linda Bell, Jeanne Esmond, Carolyn Finlayson and Candy Kramlich
Top Assembly: Carolyn Finlayson
Machine Quilting: Grace Anderson
Quilt Label: Rebecca Eash
Final Assembly: Sharon DeBoer
Donation Processing: Eileen Tedesco & Sidney Hardie
Blog: Candy Kramlich with the help of Sidney Hardie, Lydia Ross and Sue Senerchia
Marketing: Lori Taylor

Internal Bee Website:  Holly Coes Harris
Slide Show Video: Jean Seibert
Steering Committee: Sharon DeBoer, Rebecca Eash, Candy Kramlich, Lori Taylor, Jeri Langman - all helped to move the process along

Snail Mail Ticket Master:  Sidney Hardie
Ticket Master (Online Sales)::  Eileen Tedesco
Candy's Technical Consultant:  Sidney Hardie

Early 'Dale Donors (in alphabetical order):

Linda Bell
Karen Brown
Henry Curtis
Jeanne Esmond
Barbara Fruchtman
Candy Kramlich
Jeri Langman
Stephanie Lingelbach
Donette Loehr/Christine Sheffer
Sandra J. Merwin
Lydia Ross
Sue Senerchia
Terry Stevens
Lori Taylor



  1. Thanks to everyone that makes this happen. I know the Airedales thank you. and a special thank you to Candy for doing this blog--it's AWESOME!

  2. We totally agree with the above comment! Everyone did an outstanding job -especially you with the blog, Miss Candy!

  3. I'll add my voice to the two above. Fabulous effort Candy, quilters, designers, donors .... everyone involved in the 1,001 jobs that need to be done to make this a success.

  4. As every year, you folks did an outstanding job! Thank you for your dedication to the breed we love so much and all those needs forever homes. Looking forward to seeing the quilts in real life on Sunday @ Montgomery.