The quilt measures 64" x 71"

RECAP - CalendAIRE and Bonus Wall Hangings

Here's a photo recap of what you have an opportunity to win in this year's Airedale Rescue Quilt Fundraiser. A $5 donation entitles you to CalendAIRE ticket; donations in increments of $25 entitle you to 5 CalendAIRE tickets and 1 Bonus ticket.

CalendAIRE - approximately 59" x 59"

Bonus Wall Hanging #1 - "What, You Mean Me?"

Bonus Wall Hanging #2 - "Faithful Friend

Bonus Wall Hanging #3 - "Airedale Attitudes"

Bonus Wall Hanging #4 - "A Day at the Races"

And here's a link to the slideshow/video showcasing the Airedales that were helped by your donations over the past year.  This is what it's all about - the Airedales who need your help.

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  1. The quilt and wall hangings are all works of art ♥