The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Madison at the shelter
MADISON  Poor 7 year old Madison's "mom" died at age 91 and the family came to collect "dad" and take him back east to live with them. There was no place for Maddy and she was left at a small rural shelter. Unfortunately, the shelter was having a horrible tick problem and Maddy sat there for two weeks being eaten alive before the shelter contacted Airedale Rescue. It is obvious she was a much loved pet, who had gotten nothing but a lot of food for the last few years as her owners' health declined. Maddy was adopted by one of our wonderful repeat adopters of older Airedales. 
Madison in foster care

Here is an update from her new Mom:

Hi! Just a quick note to say Madison Avenue is great!!!! What an Airedale! Love her lots. Sometimes I have my hands full but she's sooo loving and endearing and just darn cute that life is really fun! I call her Madison Ave. because she wears lots of charms on her collars and is decked out.  She's sooo affectionate and sweet. Thanks for letting me adopt her! Oh,  her barking is now in a soft voice; the people at the bank and Smith's pharmacy love her. They talk to her and she answers. She also roams the backyard without being unruly! Pretty neat.

Madison on the road


  1. What a beauty you are, Madison! We are so very happy for you☺

  2. Love her new name! She is one lucky girl to have found someone so Airedale experienced who can love and appreciate her airedale-ness, congrats to both Maddy and her new family.

  3. terrific name for a girl that ended up homeless....woohoo! thanks to her new mom!

  4. Great work! She looks very happy - beautiful smile in the last pic.