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Linda Tegarden, who covers Airedale Rescue in Southern California, shared this story with me.  A rescue story that starts out with 1 pup and evolves into two pups being rescued together.

Molly & Abby (Abby is the one in the back)

Molly & Abby (Abby is the one in the back)
Owner No. 1 put an ad in Craig's List in August of 2014 and that is where Rescue got involved and began to monitor the situation. Sometimes all you can do is try to befriend the seller and hope that you can eventually help.  She was selling the dogs to try to recoup her $800 per dog cost.  One of the sisters, Molly, was sold to a San Diego couple in September 2014.

The other sister, Abby, who is the smaller, shyer one in the background along with that handsome boy, Maximus, in the solo picture, were purchased by Owner No. 2, a lady in Riverside who had lost her two Airedales after the 13 years that she'd had from puppyhood.  She paid $800 for both dogs.  The two new pups, Abby and Max, were too much for her and in four months she came to me and begged me to help her re-home them.  She is an elderly lady and had forgotten how much energy that one dog, let alone two, expend.  And she said Max had a little bit of dry skin.

So I sent out several approved adopters  to meet the dogs. Several potential adopters went but were not interested.  Max's skin condition was worse than we had been led to believe. Finally, a wonderful family went to visit.  They could not, in good conscience, leave the dogs there in that condition. They agreed to be fosters.

Airedale Rescue made arrangements to send both dogs in for vetting. At a critical moment, in SoCal Rescue, we had stumbled upon a wonderful vet practice and Dr. Ahmed of Nuevo Road Animal Hospital.  He helped us greatly with another dog just weeks earlier. Though we hesitated to press our luck, we contacted him again to see if he could assist us.  They took wonderful care of both dogs, spaying Abby and treating Max's very bad skin infection and Demodex mange.  Apparently the secondary infection was as bad as the Deomodex mange and Dr. Ahmed said that cures are likely about 90% of the time.  But the key is to religiously do the baths/dips and apply the meds.  

Max's face
On Max's body
Abby and Maximus are both recovered and, of course, the family could not think of letting them go anywhere else. Their teenage daughter was essential in Max's treatment, bathing him on a strict schedule and administering all of his meds and topicals.  She had worked as a volunteer with the local ASPCA for several years and has an eye on going to vet school!  No one could ever convince me that there is not the Unseen Hand guiding these rather complicated situations.  With all the right people being in the right place at the right time, to help these dogs, and so many others.

Max getting his bath
The funny thing is that the Pierces would only foster these 2 dogs because the dog that was the husband's, an Airedale named ...MAX... had passed away and he was just too broken up over the loss to adopt another dog...and then to find out that this one's name was Maximus...well it was all just a bit much. They have finally after 6 months of fostering agreed that they are ADOPTED by Abby and Maximus.

Max  now

Abby in her new home


  1. Love reading all these stories! Thank you Airedale Rescue and the Quilting Bee for doing so much for these rescues.

  2. We are just thrilled that Max and Abby have their loving forever homes!