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All of our seniors are put through full health checks and blood panels to insure that they are starting out on the best foot possible ...even though they are older.  Rusty LaFrance shared some of her senior stories.

MARCUS  (NV-SWAT)  Marcus was an owner surrender because of a divorce. He was a sweet boy but older of my adopters had recently lost their Airedale that they had adopted from me years back. Because they themselves were getting older, they thought that an older Airedale would be best. Marcus had found his new home with them.

ACE  (NM- SWAT) Ace got stuck at a boarding facility when his human went to the hospital. When she couldn't return to her home, Ace was turned over to the boarding facility to find him a new home.
As an older boy, that was not easy. I (Rusty) had to go to New Mexico and agreed to go and get Ace from the boarding facility and bring him back with me to be placed in a home that was willing to take in an older boy, Ace turned out to be a bit of a challenge as he had gotten used to having his own way with his former human ... doing what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it,  He was also an accomplished escape artist!

Colin Before covered in foxtails
COLIN  (S. Calif. )  Colin was dumped at the shelter. He was covered in fox tails ...everywhere!  It took months to get all the foxtails out of him.  The best we could tell was he was used as a Junk yard dog .  He was 8 or 9 years old, bad teeth and bad infections from all the fox tails, and he had been biten by a snake ! He was in such bad shape that I was sure he was not going to make it, but, tough as nails ... he did. He is being fostered by one of my foster humans that is willing to take care of an older dog that has health issues.  We discovered he had a persistent ear infection and finally got it under control with a special, no grain diet.  He is hell bent on trying to get the snakes so he gets his vaccination every year ... some things you just can't change!
Colin After

BERNIE (NV - SWAT) I received a call from a lady saying that she and her husband were in St. George Utah .... on their way to Glacier Montana where they were going to live in an assisted living facility that didn't allow dogs. They were from Ohio .  They wanted to know what to do with their 12 year old Airedale so I said I said "Bring him to me!"  Bernie is now 15; the best Airedale you could ask for.. even though he is now deaf and can't see as well.  He loves life and is quite the specimen.  I love having the old man around!

Reminder, Early 'Dale No. 8 Drawing that benefits the Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund of National Airedale Rescue ends Wednesday, 9/23, at 8 PM EDT.

#8-1 Lomonosov Airedale Figurine

#8-2 Royal Dalton #K-5 Airedale Figurine
#8-3 Beswick Ch. Cast Iron Monarch Airedale Figurine
#8-4 Goebel Airedale Figurine
#8-5 Royal Dalton #1023 Airedale Figurine

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  1. We love hearing the stories about the Seniors. They are all so very special♥