The quilt measures 64" x 71"


MAGIC - Melinda Costa of ATRVA wrote: Eleven year old Magic came into rescue with ATRVA in December 2014. His owner sadly had to find a new home for his beloved Airedale. His daughter and grandson had moved in with them, but his grandson had developed severe allergies to the dog. Magic's owner had even moved to an apartment with Magic to help his grandson and still keep his dog. But he knew this wasn't a long term solution and contacted ATRVA. Magic had been loved and cared for, but he did need extensive dental surgery upon entering rescue. After his successful surgery, he was back to acting like a very playful male Airedale! He looks and acts much younger than his 11 years. He was adopted by a previous adopter and now lives with her two other dogs and a cat.

Magic sporting a new coat
Sweet Boy Magic
GUS - Melinda writes: "Nine year old Gus entered rescue with ATRVA in June 2014 after being relinquished by his owners to the local shelter for running away. That truly was the best thing for him as he needed love and medical attention! He had had no vaccinations for about five years; no HW testing or HW preventative (thankfully, he was HW negative). He tested positive for Lyme and was found to have broken, rotted, infected or loose teeth. The dental disease was so bad, it caused him to have a bloody nose for almost two weeks. After two successful surgeries, he ended up with no teeth, but instead has bone grafts and tissue flaps. Gus is now happy, eating and playing bitey face (more like gummy face). He was adopted by a family who adores him!!"

Reminder, the Early 'Dale No. 9 Drawing  ends tomorrow night, Saturday, 9/26 at 8 PM EDT. This is also the end of online quilt ticket sales.

#9-1 Woolie Dale "Old Woman in Shoe"

#9-2 The Linda Ronstadt Album and Sheet Music
#9-3 Airedale Fairy Dog Mother Quilter's Kitchen Witch
#9-4 Star Quilt

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  1. We are so happy that you have your loving forever homes, Magic and Gus☺