The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Dexter - 1 yr old
DEXTER (NV-SWAT) Rusty LaFrance wrote:  "Dexter was bought as a puppy by a lady.  Her boyfriend moved in with her along with his two pit bull terriers. Dexter was too laid back for the boyfriend, and the girlfriend didn't have time for him so they listed him on CraigsList.  A rancher friend of mine up in the boonies of northern Nevada saw the ad.  She always loved the Airedales so she went and got him off of the CraigsList listing so he wouldn't end up in the wrong hands.  The next problem was logistics...he was way up by the Idaho border.  My farrier was coming down from Idaho to do my horses so he stopped in at their ranch and picked Dexter up and brought him all the way to me.  Now to get him neutered and rehomed.  He is a very smart and wonderful youngster.

JORDAN (UT-SWAT) Nicole Wobbe-Espinoza wrote: "We did the ultrasound they wanted...he does not have pancreatitis nor Cushing's nor cancer mass...bad infection in kidneys, bladder stones and diabetes...he'll be on antibiotics for at least 6 weeks and then we go from there. He isn't showing anything else on his blood tests, so we are supposing the infection is what has caused all of the problems.  We are seeing some improvement with a change in antibiotics and we've been able to manage his sugar and ketones for about a week now."

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tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 9th at 8 PM EDT.

No. 6-1  Doggie Assortment Package
No. 6-2  Denim Apron with Airedale Chef Applique
No. 6-3  "Airedale on Back" fiber statue


  1. What cute pups! We have our paws crossed that Dexter and Jordan find the bestest and most loving forever homes!

  2. I am confident these 2 cuties will be in forever homes soon.