The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Dorothy Duff - New Mexico Airedale Rescue coordinator shared this story about Gus, a recent rescue that she and her husband are fostering.

We are so grateful to the wonderful Airedale Rescue Quilting BEE and all those who donate. With the help of our supporters, we try to cover the costs of the Airedales we rescue, but from time to time one comes in with extensive and expensive medical needs and we have to ask National Airedale Rescue to help us with the expenses. Gus is one of those.

Gus is a 4 yr old male who came to us from the shelter as an owner turn in. He was raised as an outside dog and never allowed in the house. Soon after getting Gus, we noticed he was sluggish and there was periodic limping on the right foreleg. An orthopedic exam by our wonderful vet (of 10+ years) not only revealed soreness in the shoulder but also in the hips. X-rays revealed hip dysplasia and a possible elbow or shoulder problem. So Gus's sluggishness was all about pain.

As I told a fellow rescuer, the good news in all of this was that Gus loved the little children he met in the vet's waiting room - all tail wags and kisses. Then he was very stoic during the exam which was obviously painful. Not one growl, no muzzle,  just kisses for the vet tech.

Gus then went to see the orthopedic surgeon (a Diplomate in veterinary surgery) to get a more precise evaluation and recommendations. We have worked with this surgeon over the past 14 yrs with great success and he knows Airedales. The news was not good. The foreleg lameness was from a partial or full tendon tear in the shoulder. He had been injured some time back as there was already some muscle wasting. Hip dysplasia was also confirmed and surgery was indicated, but we needed to wait until the shoulder issues were treated and resolved.

So this will be a long and expensive road for Gus. Leash only exercise. No play. The good news is that he LOVES being a house dog with our 3 other Airedales. We are glad to foster Gus as long as it takes. We have been down this road before and are so appreciative of the help provided by National Airedale Rescue

For us this is what Airedale Rescue is about. Without treatment, Gus would be destined for a life of pain and may have been euthanized as he became increasingly crippled.

So Gus needs your help NOW. He deserves to live without pain and to have a full Airedale life. Please support the quilt raffle.

Dorothy, Will, Ali, Yoko Gunnar and Foster Gus
Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue - New Mexico


  1. Gus sounds like an absolute doll! We want him to get all of the help that he needs♥

  2. All that pain and still giving kisses. Gus is a sweetie! Glad he's getting help.

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