The quilt measures 64" x 71"



You may also get quilt entries in person at the Headquarters Hotel Hospitality Room on Thursday, Oct. 2nd at 5 PM and again on Sunday, Oct. 5th at the Quilt Display Tent located in the vicinity of the Airedale ring up until the time of the drawings.

Your donations will make a difference in the lives of so many Airedales in need!

Helping Airedales, it is the right thing to do.

On behalf of all the rescued Airedales and those to come, 


We appreciate your continued support of the Airedale Quilt Fundraiser.

The Airedale Rescue Quilting Bee

There will be a few more follow-up blogs after Montgomery so you can find out who won the quilt and the bonus quilts.  Perhaps this year's winner will do a photo story of receiving the quilt like last year's winner.  You never know...I hope you have enjoyed reading all the stories about the quilt blocks, bonus quilts and the Rescue dogs.

I will be working as Cashier at the Airedale Rescue Bazaar located near the Airedale ring on Sunday, Oct. 5th so please stop by and say "Hello".  Lori Taylor will be manning the Quilt Display Tent, where the quilt and bonus quilt and wall hangings will be displayed. She'd love to meet you too!

I will post the winners of the quilt and bonus quilt/wall hangings later, much later, that evening when I return home.

The Airedale Quilting Bee wants to thank everyone who donated for quilt tickets, donated incentive prizes, and/or spread the word about the quilt fundraiser on their lists, Facebook pages or other social media outlets.  We so very much appreciate your support.  National Airedale Rescue depends on this yearly fundraiser.  Your monetary support makes it possible for the Rescue volunteers to devote their time and energies to the Airedales and not have to worry about how they will pay that vet bill for the dog that needs special attention.  Sometimes we get dogs that require very little medically aside from the basic checkup and shots, but then there are those special cases that need much more than that.  Your donations make it possible to get those Airedales the best possible medical care needed so that they can go on to live a happy, healthy life in their new homes.  We all love this breed or we wouldn't be doing what we do.  We give a lot to the rescue dogs, but the very special secret is that these dogs give us back so very much more than we ever give them

Please consider helping next year with the Quilting Bee.  I hope after following this blog, you will realize how many talents go into making a quilt and those talents are not just limited to sewing!  And I can attest to the fact that you don't have to have any prior training.  Quilters are very generous people who are willing to share what they know.  I started not knowing how to even do an applique, and I ended up making a block for the last 3 quilts, and have made 2 bonus wall hangings from start to finish. And I've done the quilt blog for the past 2 years, another new skill I learned since joining The Bee.  It has all been another way to help Rescue now that I'm not a "hands on" rescue volunteer.  So everyone has something to contribute and we could use your help as can the local and regional Airedale Rescue groups.  Not just your money, but your time and physical help are needed.  Go to the National Airedale Rescue website, look at the list of regional volunteers and if you can lend a hand, offer your assistance in some way to the regional coordinator.

Early 'Dale Drawing No. 16 ends TONIGHT at 8 PM EDT.  You have an opportunity to own one of the following incentives tonight:

16A - "A is for Airedale" Pillow in your choice of color (red, blue, green or yellow) made and donated by Jeanne Esmond

16B - "Sit Up" Airedale Statue made and donated by Linda Hobbet

16C - Framed Original Airedale Watercolor by Canadian Artist, Catherine McMillan, 6" x 7"; framed 12" x 12".  Donated by Maryellen Estes

Winners will be posted Sunday morning.


  1. You have done an AMAZING job with the blog, Miss Candy! We look forward every single day to reading your postings. The Airedale community is very special indeed and Rescue rocks ♥

    1. Thank you, Sue and Mitch & Molly. I looked forward to your daily comments!

  2. Candy, you have done a fabulous blog job! and your testimonial of how much you can learn by joining the Bee is inspiration to all. sewing, blogging, and you work the rescue booth... that is just awesome! I'm glad to have been able to help with the quilt this year. I hope everyone buys one ticket today--last day for online sales.. make that thermometer soar!

  3. Wouldn't that be something if we could meet our goal BEFORE Montgomery...

  4. What a great job by the Bee, Candy and her work on this fabulous blog, and all of our incentive donors. Without all of your efforts this may not have been as successful as it has been this year. This Quilt is a major financial booster for National rescue and it is like a life blood to keep them going strong to help so many Airedales in need. I am proud to be a part of it and I can't wait to see the quilt in person. My fingers are crossed to win one of the bonus quilts, for emotional reasons!!! Thank you all!

  5. Candy has done a amazing job with the blog. Every day I've looked forward to reading about the quilt blocks and also reading the heartwarming Airedale rescue stories. The incentive prizes have been great! I'm already looking forward to next year!

    1. Thank you, Marcia. I can't take credit for the incentive prizes. Those were Virginia Slowik's doing and she did a fantastic job and our incentive donors were very generous.