The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Rusty La France of SWAT writes:  This is Carson. He was dumped at a shelter in Utah at the age of 12. He has prostate cancer but is being fostered by my wonderful foster family: Nata and Greg Shubin since February. Nata is working with a holistic veterinarian on his prostate care and is learning while helping. She is using and sharing the knowledge she gains from the care of Carson to help other Airedales. She is currently working with one of our adopters whose Airedale boy also has cancer. I have always said that each of these Airedales, no matter how long they touch us and share their time with us, helps another Airedale in need. 

Carson Update from Rusty:  "Sadly, Carson crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 5th of this year.  Nata Shubin was good to him in taking care of him". His last days in her care were good ones and she tempted him with all kinds of good things to eat.  

Rusty LaFrance wrote that "it was only possible because of the kindness of our donors."  This is your donations at work.  Run free and healthy now at the Rainbow Bridge, Carson.  I'm so happy that you were much loved and cared for during the time you were in Airedale Rescue and in Nata and Greg Shubin's care and had Griffie to show you the ropes around the household.


Carson & Papa Greg

Darn, I wanted that other bed...
Nata & Carson hand in paw...RIP Carson.

I asked Nata's permission to share this last photo of her and Carson as I found it very touching on her Facebook page and she very kindly gave me permission.

Rusty LaFrance also writes:  Griffie is another senior Airedale in foster care with Nata and Greg Shubin.  Griffie came to me from Oklahoma when I brought 7 Airedales in from there that needed new homes and I had the homes. 
Going for a ride
Griffie TV: Featuring Carson. Griffie coaches Carson in cheese begging from Dad (who is a certified softie).

What's taking so long?  I'm hungry...
Be patient, Boy, he'll give it to you eventually

Nata, Carson and Griffie

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  1. Love the hand in paw. Bless you, Nata and Greg. RIP, Carson ♥

  2. It takes a special kind of person to take in a senior Airedale, much less one with a known terminal condition. Nata and Greg are very special people. But, I think they would say that the rewards of making an Airedale's final days the very best possible are more than worth it.

  3. How sad that Carson was dumped by his family, but how sweet that tGreg and Nata took in Carson and gave him all the love he needed for his final days. A big thank you to the Shubin family. Looks like Griffie is in the land of luxury too!

  4. I am crying with this post. very touching.