The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Fionna - Then
This is Lady Fiona - Audra & her family adopted Lady Fiona, one of the Kentucky mill Airedales. Fiona is estimated to be between 6 and 8 years of age. Fiona was sick with bacterial infections, emaciated, and had worms when she came into rescue. Her front leg is 1.25" shorter than the other from a fracture that was never set. And she is partially deaf. She always had a beautiful soul, but now she looks the part. She is adored by her family which consists of a Mom, Dad, 3 boys, and an Airedale brother.

It is heart-breaking to see a dog, or any animal for that matter, in this condition. What a difference Airedale Rescue has made in their lives.

Below is an update from Audra, Fionna's adopter with lots of wonderful photos of Fionna and her new family.

Audra writes: Well let's see, when she first came home she liked to sleep under our Christmas tree. Security I guess. Though she is not a snuggler, she must have me in her sight line before she settles down. We had to work through some tummy troubles for a while; I think she was fighting worm. However, after several treatments of dewormers and antibiotics with a bland die, I think we knocked it out. She has finally warmed up to hugs from the boys, loves to sleep on the couch and ride in the car. Being mostly deaf and I think she has lost some eyesight, things don't bother her at all. She has begun to trust others in the family when I'm not around but still prefers my company. She gets along with every animal she meets, justs chills out. Girl loves her food! Can smell a french fry a mile away! ;) We don't kennel the dogs unless necessary and are planning an RV trip in a week and are bringing everyone with us.  

Fionna Now
Looking pretty relaxed on the sofa -
she didn't have one or even a bed in
that horrid puppy mill she came from

Darwin & Fionna

Fionna and her human, Audra
Look at that look of adoration on Fionna's face.
I love this photo!

1st Christmas in new home

Fionna and her new family!

Don't forget that Early 'Dale Drawing No. 16 ends tomorrow, Saturday, 9/27 at 8 PM EDT.  It is also the end of online ticket donations.  After that, you can only get  your quilt tickets at Montgomery either at the Hospitality Room on Thurs., 10/2 at 5 PM or on Sunday, 10/5 at the Quilt Display Tent in the vicinity of the Airedale Ring.

16A - "A" is for Airedale Pillow or Wall Hanging (winner's choice of type and color) made and donated by Jeanne Esmond

16B - "Sit Up" Airedale Statue made and donated by Linda Hobbet

16C - Framed Original Airedale Watercolor by Canadian Artist, Catherine McMillan, 6" x 7"; bamboo frame 12" x 12" donated by Maryellen Estes


  1. You are beautiful, Fionna, and we love your luscious AireCurls! We are absolutely thrilled for you and for your new family ♥

  2. It is wonderful stories like these that make me so thankful to be a part of Rescue. I am thrilled Fionna's story has a picture perfect and well deserved great life with a wonderful family, and a horse too!

  3. Amazing and beautiful transformation. Love the family photo.

  4. I think Fiona hit the jackpot! and that 'I LOVE YOU MOM' look Fiona is giving is priceless. what a great story.

  5. Nothing made me happier than seeing Fiona placed with Audra and her beautiful family. Fiona certainly deserves to be showered with love and happiness! That is the goal of any individual rescuer or rescue group, and I don't want to lose sight of that. ATRAVA placed Fiona, and they did a great job in matching her up with her adoptive family!

    I think there is a lesson to be learned here. Fiona is where she is today, because a small cadre of individuals who did not know each other came together for the sole purpose to get the last three Henderson Airedales out of the shelter. With rumors spiraling out of control on Facebook, I, a naive Airedale owner, had serious concerns that these dogs might be put down to make way for new arrivals. No one had come forth to adopt Fiona, Ellie and Ivy after weeks in the shelter. Not knowing what to believe, based on all the inaccurate rescue FB postings, I called the shelter and spoke directly with the adoption coordinator who authorized me to adopt out these last three girls. Initially, I had no plan. I just knew they needed to be saved and I listened to my gut. I took action.

    The truth is that these three dogs were rescued by an individual in Pennsylvania, and not any rescue group. That came later. In the subsequent 24 hours I had developed a plan, and with the assistance of a former Del Val ADT Rescue volunteer, I connected with the TEAM - one of the Del Val coordinators, Heather Estlow, the ATRAVA Coordinators, Melinda Costa and Cathy Biersack, and the WVA transport, Barb Morrison. The shelter offered to drive the dogs to the WVA border where Barb picked them up to begin their journeys. Thanks to that former Del Val volunteer, Lin Wetzel, who donated gas money to the shelter and offered to do the same for Barb, as well. Barb hung on to the pups for a couple of days, vetting them all, and then drove to the next stop to meet up with Melinda and Cathy, transferring the dogs. Cathy and Melinda met me in Virginia, where after all three of them stole my heart, I had to select one to bring back to PA with me. As per the plan, two were surrendered to ATRAVA - Fiona and Ellie. Neither Fiona nor Ellie could have put up with my one year old pup’s serious romping, so Ivy was a better choice as a foster. She quickly became part of my family as ADT Number 4.

    So the lesson: posting on the Internet should be done with the utmost care. That information is very public and if it is unsubstantiated can do much harm. I reference all the inaccurate FB postings about the Henderson 27, the shelter and some of the volunteers. It was quite easy to get the correct information by going to the source – the shelter’s adoption coordinator. Had that not been done, I shudder to think what might have become of now beautiful Fiona, and her two kennel mates.

    I implore all who read this blog, to reflect on what happened in this one situation, and pledge to share only verified, factual information. If we are all motivated by our love for Airedales and our desire to ensure that those homeless are placed in loving homes, our decisions will be based on factual information and what is best for each dog, and not what is convenient, expedient or simply allowable by rescue. We are able to celebrate Fiona, when the reverse could have been true. I thank all those who helped me adopt out these girls. This is Fiona just out of the shelter.