The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Abby and Frankie came into Texas Airedale Rescue (TART) in February of 2014. An Animal Control officer was present when his owner was arrested and realized these two were Airedales and contacted us. The dogs were living in filth and were underweight. We didn’t realize how bad they were until we shaved off the dreadlocks and bathed them.

Abby was about 8 years old and weighed only 48 pounds. Frankie was about 9. Both dogs were so very sweet despite their poor condition, happily offering to shake hands or “sit pretty” for everyone who saw 
them.  Both dogs were seen by our vet and and began treatment for their sores and ear and eye infections.

Frankie helping Dr. Bonnie bandage Abby's foot
Meanwhile we had a lovely family with a disabled little boy apply to TART to adopt an Airedale. Jake is in a wheelchair and has difficulty speaking, but he knew a good dog when he saw one and Abby was selected to learn to be his companion. Amazingly, she was totally unfazed by Jake’s wheelchair, and sometimes uncoordinated movements from the start.

This photo was taken about 3 weeks after we got her in. After Abby’s condition improved a little more, she went to live with Jake and his family. 
Here is a letter from Abby's adopter.

Hi Becky!
We are doing wonderful! Abby is doing great. She has become very protective of the family and loves to go on car rides. She gets upset when I put my shoes on and she does not get to go with me. Abby weighs in now at 70lbs. She loves to eat her dog food, but also enjoys eating strawberries, peaches, and other fruit. We have taken her to Belton Lake and she loves to get in the water. We have found she enjoys people, but not big crowds of people. It seems to make her nervous. We are not big on entertaining in our home, so she is a perfect match for us. Seriously, she is the best dog EVER!!! My husband cannot believe how smart she is, and how well she picks up things. She walks beautifully on a leash and loves to follow her nose. We have been in 2 different situations where we were walking and came across cars with animal traps in them, and she went straight to the pick up trucks, sat down and looked at me. I guess her previous owner must have done some sort of training with them on hunting???? We have to spell walk because she gets excited, and she understands the word treat. Our entire neighborhood is completely in love with her. She is one spoiled pooch!
One other thing, Abby is very protective of Jacob now. If the PT makes a lot of noise or goes outside to practice walking with Jake, she is not happy. She wants to be with her human very badly! She quiets down when you tell her “no ma’am”. She really loves him. She picked up walking next to his wheelchair and bicycle really quick. Jake just smiles when she walks next to him. They are something else.

This photo of Abby was taken in March. Her new family says she is now up to the 70 pounds she needs to be and they do not know what they would do without her!

Frankie was not as healthy as Abby, and needed more care so he went to live with one of TART’s wonderful foster families. He is doing wonderfully and we have been told he is “there to stay”.



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  1. What gorgeous pups! We are so happy for both of them ♥

  2. So happy to hear Abby and Frankie have found wonderful homes!

  3. how sad a story and then how wonderful that rescue was there for Abby and Frankie. and awesome that Jake now has a 'service dog'. way to go!!

  4. What a wonderful story about Abbey and her little human Jake, brings tears to my eyes in happiness they found each other. Thank you to the animal control officer, the rescuer resources, and Jake's family for taking a chance on Abbey.

    And what better than to be in a foster home and come to know it as your furever home, way to go Frankie!

  5. Another touching rescue story to read about. I am proud to be part of this rescue group!

  6. Crying joyful tears they were rescued in time and have both found their way back to health and loving forever homes. God bless rescue:-)