The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Hobbs was listed on Craig’s List as a “Hog dog” for sale. Fortunately, Oklahoma Airedale Rescue (OKAR) was able to get this boy to a safe place (Airedales are very popular in the South for hunting wild pigs, which are very dangerous).

He looks pretty comfortable
Jeff and Kyle had been waiting for the perfect boy to add to their family and had already had their home visit and reference checks, so they were ready to take Hobbs. And it was love at first sight too.  

Hobbs Update: "Hobbs is doing very well now. We bought a larger house with a bit more property off of Caunervaca/Bee Caves (about 3 miles down the road from where we lived before). The new house has a fenced in back yard about 2 times the size of the other house. Hobbs was a great fit for our household. Both of our Girls (Meagan/Kelsey) love him as well as Kyle and myself. Hobbs and Hudson (Our other Airedale) play together a lot in the back yard. Hobbs is a very sweet boy who just wants to play and have fun all of the time. I think we go through a new toy a week - I forgot how much energy and how sharp a new dog's teeth are… But better the toy be destroyed than our shoes/furniture etc… Hobbs is up to approx. 48 lbs. He was at the Vets a few weeks ago to get a check-up and clipped. Our vet loves him and said that he is doing well. He has put on about 20 lbs since we got him and spends a good part of his day running around the house or in the back yard.

"We take both dogs down to the lake on the weekends to go running. We have been trying to keep Hobbs very socialized with other dogs/people/noises etc. as running on the trails/paths along the lake can be very active and a little intimidating at first. The first time we took Hobbs down there with us, he was very unsettled and would jump at every noise/sound of someone passing by or other dogs. However after a few week,s he has gotten used to the surroundings and really enjoys being there.

"I think big picture, PEER Pressure has taught Hobbs how to act (and go to the restroom outside). He see/watches Hudson sit (when we say SIT) and Hobbs then does it as well. The same for them when we are getting ready to feed them (instead of wild dogs running around in the kitchen), we have them both side and wait a minute while we get their bowls/food ready. He has also learned a few bad things from Hudson (of which Hudson is not allowed to do-but these Airedales have a mind of their own and are a bit stubborn)."

Looking pretty relaxed in his new home
What's down there, Dad?

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  1. What a cute boy! We are so happy for Hobbs!

  2. What a nice story. Hobbs is cute and I am glad he is not a hog dog.

  3. Hobbs looks like he has landed in a dream come true home... yeah! happy tails!

  4. We have his brother, Curly aka Calvin. We love him.