The quilt measures 64" x 71"



You may also get quilt entries in person at the Headquarters Hotel Hospitality Room on Thursday, Oct. 2nd at 5 PM .

Also on Sunday, Oct. 5th, Montgomery Show, in Bluebell, Pennsylvania, at the Quilt Display Tent located in the vicinity of the Airedale ring up until the time of the drawings.

I just wanted to take the time to thank The Bee members who worked so hard to make the 2014 Airedale Rescue Quilt come to fruition and those folks who generously donated items to be used for the Early 'Dale Drawings. And I can't foget the adopters and regional rescue groups that shared the Rescue stories and photos. They contributed to making the 2014 Airedale Rescue Quilt Fundraiser a success!

Artists: Patty Eisenbraun, Linda Hobbet, Jane Miller and Mary Blood
Block Makers: Linda Bell, Karen Brown, Rebecca Eash, Jeanne Esmond, Carolyn Finlayson, Jeannette Grantner, Rose Knowles, Candy Kramlich, Jeri Langman, Joyce Miller, Becky Preston, Sue Senerchia, Eileen Tedesco
Bonus Quilt Makers: Linda Bell, Sharon DeBoer & Carolyn Finlayson, Marianne Perry, Candy Kramlich
Quilt Layout: Patty Eisenbraun
Pieced Background Assembly & Instructions: Sharon DeBoer
Top Assembly: Karen Brown
Machine Quilting: Karin Rainier
Quilt Label: Rebecca Eash
Final Assembly: Lydia Ross
Donation Processing: Sidney Hardie, Jeri Langman (August) and Eileen Tedesco (September)
Blog: Candy Kramlich with the help of Sidney Hardie, Lydia Ross and Sue Senerchia
Blog Incentives Coordination: Virginia Slowik, who did a FABULOUS job gathering a wonderful variety of incentives
Marketing: Lori Taylor
Finances/Logistics: Lydia Ross, whose guidance kept us on track and got things accomplished in a timely manner

Website: Elaine Hu
Photographer: Cheryl Caesar
Slide Show Video: Jean Seibert, for stepping up and taking on the challenge or there would not have been a Rescue slideshow/video this year
Steering Committee: Sharon DeBoer, Rebecca Eash, Patty Eisenbraun, Carolyn Finlayson, Candy Kramlich, Lydia Ross, Lori Taylor, who all helped to move the process along

Early 'Dale Donors (in alphabetical order):
ATCMNY Airedale Rescue & Adoption/Virginia Slowik
Ann Curran, Ragtail
Sharon DeBoer
Doctors Foster & Smith
Carol Domeracki, Anything Airedale
Jeanne Esmond
Maryellen Estes
Diana Fielder
Jennifer Fier
Linda Hobbet
Wendy Hodgson, Mudpups
Judy Howell, Montana Earth Pottery

Candy Kramlich
Denise Lucas
Jane Miller
Sadie Moore
New England Airedale Rescue/Barbara Curtiss
Kathy Patterson
Lydia Ross
Sue Senerchia
Virginia Slowik
Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue/Sidney Hardie
Lori Taylor
Connie Versagi,The Wool Dog Studio
Jan Williams/Arctic Aire



  1. Team work is the best - and all for the Airedales ♥

  2. I AM SO HONORED TO BE A PART OF THIS GROUP! Thank you for all you do. TEAMWORK is truly amazing as Mitch & Molly say. There is no I in team, as a unit this Bee does fantastic things to help Airedales in need. I hope we make a lot more over Montgomery weekend to meet the goal and help National Airedale Rescue be able to continue their excellent rescue efforts. I can't wait to see the quilts in person.