The quilt measures 64" x 71"


This is sweet Val. She was found by a rancher out in the middle of nowhere covered in ticks. She has an inoperable tumor that is cancerous (but she doesn't know it and is living her life out with Rusty LaFrance's gang at the her ranch).

I asked Rusty for an update on Val and she wrote: "She looks a bit pathetic right now, although she isn't behaving that way!!  But she is losing hair in big spots.  She really doesn't know she is sick right now and is enjoying life with the other old Airedales here.  She LOVES her food and treats !!!"

Here are some recent photos of sweet Val hanging out at Rusty's ranch.

Val on the left
All dressed up's good

I can attest to the joys of taking care of an old and sick Airedale having had one or two such cases during my years coordinating Airedale Rescue for ATCMNY. They aren't really easily adoptable and yet they still are full of life and deserve a safe and loving place to live out whatever time God lets them have.  I always say that those who adopt or foster one of the older sick dogs are "AireAngels". It never ceases to amaze me how much these dogs give back to us. And although you might think it is sad, it really isn't a sad experience because they are so joyful - enjoying each day they have left and the love they give back to you is overwhelming.  At the end, you aren't sad, just happy to have had that time with them because they enriched your life immensely and you enriched their last days with lots of love and a safe place to rest their heads. 

Thank you, Rusty, for giving Val a safe and loving home with you and your gang.

Remember Early 'Dale Drawing No. 8 runs until Saturday, 8/30 at 8 PM EDT.  8A is the adorable Toy Airedale with Heart in its mouth and 8B is a Black & Tan hand knitted afghan measuring approximately 52" x 60".


  1. Val is wonderful, love her coat and big bones. I hope she feels good as long as possible. XXX

  2. What a beautiful girl! Huge AireHugs to you, Val ♥

  3. What a difference from the 1st picture to the other where she is a happy 'dale girl. Thank you Rusty and family for taking her in and giving her a happy place to live out her days.

  4. Val is adorable and Rusty is truly special. Aire hugs!

  5. what a beautiful girl Val is, love that coat color. Thank you Rusty!