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This is an update story.  Alex was the emaciated Airedale at the end of last year's blog.  I thought everyone would like to know how his story turned out.  He came into Rescue in Oklahoma and was placed in Texas through TART.  I hope you enjoy seeing how he has blossomed in his new life.

Alex last year
Bathed & Shaved - AAH, feels so good!
Alex was hanging around a hotel looking for handouts so animal control was called to pick him up. Oklahoma Airedale Rescue picked him up and took him in. He is approximately 2-3 years old, very sweet and active. His first veterinary visit revealed that he was heartworm positive and had a mild heart murmur.  He has completed heartworm treatment and the heart murmur doesn't stand in the way of a normal and active life for Alex.

Alex has been adopted and is now called Rocky, here is a note from his new Dad “I don't know who is luckier Rocky or us. He has total control over our family!!! He has being doing great and we just love him. He got to experience his first big thunderstorm with me last night.”

"He is everything I remember about all the other Airedales we have owned. Smart, Handsome, Affectionate, Stubborn at times, Curious. We have only heard him bark a few times, he will do a bit of talk before his morning breakfast, and did howl like a wolf at a Fire Engine that went by the neighborhood.

"The day we picked him up, we drove by to pick up the cage we inquired about on Craig's List, and a second after we assembled it he got in it, so he has been caged trained. He mostly stays in there, but since Brenda has purchased him his own couch he spends time on it on the living room floor...usually the center of attention. Now he is spending time in the laundry room, which he was totally scared of when we first got him.

"Attached are some pictures, one is of him under Brenda's office table...he is totally scared of thunder. One is of him meeting a 3 leg dog in the neighborhood. We learn something new about him every day. We think he was a total inside dog. He can’t stand flys and knats outside. He is short winded on walks, usually getting tired after about 10 minutes, guessing due to the heart worm treatment. I took him swimming at a creek, don't think he ever encountered that, and he thought he was going to sink, but instinct kicked in and he did fine. Don't think he ever traveled in a car, he is just now getting his "car-legs". On walks, he can tell which dogs are friendly and which are not, and prefers to avoid any other dogs initially. He usually gets a walk everyday by someone in the family.

"Brenda and I are totally happy with our big boy Rocky. He has become very attached to me. Best to you and your service and its commitment to the best breed in the world. Rocky is a perfect match for our family."

I really love and enjoy the update and photos on Alex.  What a lucky boy!

In the car
Meeting a new friend

Out for a swim
Window Surfing

Safety under Mom's desk
On my very own couch


At the Beach

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  1. Look how far you have come. We are so very happy for you, Alex/Rocky!

  2. What a story. This is what Rescue is about and how our National rescue group helps. I love happy endings!

  3. breaks my heart to see him.. and then WOW! rescue is awesome. great story... everyone DONATE TODAY!