The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Quinn -  Before
 Quinn was turned over to OKAR along with his parents. He was infested with fleas and ticks and weighed in at only 7.2 lbs. Not good for an 8-week old puppy. After being treated for all the bugs and given lots of good food and love, Quinn is now living the good life with his Mom, Dad, and cat.

Quinn-After with love and good care from Rescue
It's hard enough to see adult dogs in this condition, but to see a puppy in such a state is horrendous.

Duncan and Robin came into Oklahoma Airedale Rescue (OKAR_ along with their eight-week old puppy, Quinn. They were a breeder pair and lived outside with 9 or 10 other dogs. When they arrived, they were filthy and covered with fleas and ticks. They both had tick disease and had to be treated. Robin had a 2-hour spay surgery due to excessive bleeding and a rip in her uterus. Duncan was neutered and got infected, so was a guest at the vet hospital for a few days so he could be closely monitored. Now that Robin and Duncan are feeling better, they are waiting for their forever homes. Both have that carefree Airedale attitude that we all love!

Robin and Duncan at the Vet's

Robin and Duncan - Groomed!
Duncan and Robin have a $900 vet bill for the extensive work they received. They were spayed/neutered, given vaccinations, and had bloodwork done to determine that they were positive for tick disease. Miraculously, they were negative for heartworm. 

All groomed and checking things out in the yard
Robin-red collar; Duncan-purple collar
On 7/12 - Wonderful news! Duncan and Robin are adopted! Duncan is loving his new home and Robin will be moving south in a few days! OKAR couldn't be happier for two deserving Airedales!!


Duncan on Adoption Day with his new family

Robin in her new home

On 7/16 - Yesterday was such a happy day for dear Robin! She traveled from Tulsa, OK to Houston, TX to her forever home! Thank you to all the wonderful Aire-Angels who helped with transport. Robin, now Ivy, is getting used to her gigantic upgrade in life as a much loved and cared for member of the family!

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  1. We're so happy for the 3 of them. They're such beautiful Dales!

  2. What a story and I am so proud of our rescue people all over the country. I am proud to be a part of this group.