The quilt measures 64" x 71"


The Winners of the Early 'Dale Drawing tonight are:

1A - Trinket Box:  Joey Warren

1 B - Toy Package:  Shirley Bomgaars

Congratulations and thank you for supporting Airedale Rescue!
Sweet Little Sandy - what a happy looking girl

Sandy is a sweet little Airedale who was pulled from an area shelter. The story is that she was left behind by her original owner and some elderly neighbors started feeding her. When that got to be too much, she wound up in the shelter. OKAR (Oklahoma Airedale Rescue) got her to one of their veterinarians, who quickly discovered that she was pregnant. She eventually gave birth to 11 healthy puppies. DNA results show that they are Airedale/Yorkie/Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen mixes! (WOW!)

Sandy nursing her babies

Sandy has a forever home and the puppies are in the process of
finding their homes. Although our generous vet, Dr. Jones, has donated a kennel space for the pups, Sandy's medical bills are very high. She had a C-section and has needed extra care and meds due to her poor health when she arrived into rescue.

Here are some more photos of Sandy and her Airemix pups.

What a good Mama.
The kids at approx. 8 weeks old

Will you take me home with you?

Hmmm - what's this?

Some of Sandy's puppies ready to be adopted
Remember that Early 'Dale Drawing No. 1 ends TONIGHT, at 8 PM EDT.  If you make a donation toward the quilt during this time, you are eligible to participate in this Early 'Dale drawing.


  1. What a beautiful girl Sandy is and we're so happy that she has her forever home. Our paws and fingers are crossed that every one of her pups is just as lucky. They sure are cute!

  2. Sandy was lucky to find a bunch of caring people to help her out.