The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Jill (approx. 6 yrs old) was a loved Airedale, who was turned into rescue when the owner decided that she had too much going on in her life to take proper care of her.  Jill had escaped the yard a few times and ended up at a vet clinic when we were called.

Here's Jill
She is now living with a brother (also an OKAR alumni) and a Mom and Dad who love their dogs very much. They go on daily walks and get to hang out at dog friendly events around town, where they are complimented for their beauty and excellent behavior!!

Jill with her new family!

Rember Early 'Dale Drawing No. 7 runs until Wednesday, 8/27 at 8 PM EDT. #7A is the "Airedale Love" Table Runner made and donated by Kathy Patterson and #7B is "The Faces of Airedale Rescue" Ceramic Teapot made and donated by Carol Domeracki.

And don't forget that the Whimsidale statue by Wendy Hodgson is waiting for its forever home with the person who puts us at the $5,000 mark.


  1. We are so happy for Jill! She's such a beauty ♥

  2. So happy for Jill. Another nice rescue story.

  3. Jill is cute! and looks like she landed in a great forever home. Rescue Rocks!